Youth Services

Desert Edge Mentoring Services (DEMS) is dedicated to inspiring positive development in the lives of families and the communities of our youth.

Adult Services

Desert Edge Mentoring Services (DEMS) is dedicated to helping adults set and actualize indivudal goals.


Yes, Desert Edge currently accepts the following insurances: Arizona Complete Health. Banner University. BlueCross. Centene. Health Choice Arizona. Mercy Care Plan. Mercy Care Plan/CHDP. Molina Health Services. TriWest Healthcare Alliance. United Healthcare.

Desert Edge Mentoring Services is dedicated to inspiring positive development in the lives of at-risk youth in Maricopa County.

Welcome to Desert Edge

Desert Edge Mentoring Services is dedicated to inspiring positive development in the lives of at-risk youth in Maricopa County. We work to empower children and adults with emotional and behavioral issues to break through their challenges, so they may achieve greater success at home, school and in the community.

If you feel that these services can benefit you and your family or you are looking for more information then call (602) 237-2485. We look forward to being your partner in your desire to change your life.

Parent of a Child

If you are a parent of a child who is struggling in school, making poor choices, and/or is demonstrating aggressive behavior, Desert Edge has a program designed to help you and your child overcome any barriers of success. We provide mentoring and utilize positive reinforcement to show your child the potential they possess. We work to instill respect, positive self-image, individual responsibility, teamwork and leadership within each youth. Once a youth enters Desert Edge Mentoring, we work to show them continuously that we believe in them and they can succeed.

Are You Adult

If you are an adult who has lived without the support and stability that you needed as a child to thrive, then our Adult Program can help. In this program you will learn leadership skills, build confidence, and problem solving abilities. We work with individuals to gain empowerment by helping develop lifelong skills to ensure vocational and educational success. Our goal is for our program members to be successful and productive in today's world.

Youth Mission

To provide a positive learning environment while promoting lifelong skills for personal growth.


Adult Mission

To enhance the skills and knowledge for vocational and educational opportunities that will prepare all adults for the workforce.

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Youth Services

DEMS provides independent living skills, mentoring, and rehabilitation services to youth and families each year through a variety of methods. We believe that every person is capable of excellence and we are committed to providing community-based support to each person needs to overcome challenges and to be successful.

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Adult Services

DEMS is dedicated helping adults set and actualize indivudal goals. If you would like educational assistance, support with looking for employment, or receiving positive guidance through challenging times then please contact Desert Edge so we can begin the support process now.

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Desert Edge Mentoring Services focus of helping people with emotional trauma or behavioral health matters. The age range is focused on adolescents 10-17 and adults 18 & older.

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Desert Edge Mentoring Services
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Office: 602.237.2485
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"My name is Samantha*, and I am 17 years old. For me, life has been full of challenges. Growing up, my mother and I struggle to have a healthy relationship, and I didn't know my father, because he is incarcerated before I can remember.


I was placed in a group home because I caused physical abuse towards my mother. There were talks about placing me into a foster home.


Today, I'm a high school senior currently averaging a 3.8 GPA. I am focused on changing my life for the better as I approach adulthood.


With the help of Desert Edge Mentoring Services (DEMS), I've come to believe there are people out there who want to listen to my struggles, understand, and most of all, who care about me.

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